Calgary Tower

Every city has an iconic landmark that comes to define it. For Calgary, that structure is undoubtedly the Calgary Tower.

Since early history, humankind has been fascinated by height and architects have strived to design ever taller buildings to become a part of a city’s skyline.

The tower was built in 1979 and has 47 floors. It is operated by Brookfield Asset Management as a hotel and office building.

The tower has a restaurant on its top floor called Sky 360 that offers views of Calgary and Banff. The tower also houses an observation deck on its 48th floor that offers views of the Rocky Mountains. The observation deck opened to the public in 2015.


The Calgary Tower is a popular tourist destination in the city of Calgary. The tower features a cool exhibit on its construction and some facts, making it a great place to learn about the city. Other great businesses in Calgary.

The Calgary Tower is a prominent landmark in the city of Calgary. Although it is not the tallest building in the city anymore, it still draws attention from visitors and locals alike.

Looking at old photographs of cities can be a fascinating way to see how they have developed and changed over time.

Canadian and US cities are particularly interesting to examine, as the trend of constructing tall buildings began in the 20th century with the aim of reaching as close to the sky as possible. However, getting back to the point.

Although Calgary Tower is not the highest building in the city, it is still an architectural achievement that offers stunning views of the cityscape. The tower has been a staple in the Calgary skyline for many years and is definitely worth a visit.


The Calgary Tower is not one of the world’s highest towers, at only 191 meters, but it does have the highest observation deck in the world, at 1228 meters above sea level.

Do you ask how that is possible?

Well, let’s mention that Calgary’s elevation is 1045 meters, and you can fill the gaps.

Calgary Tower is a perfect attraction for both first-time visitors and locals. It’s a popular spot for photos, and the restaurant on the top floor is always bustling with people.

From the viewing platform, you can take in the bustle of the city below, the prairie, foothills, and even the famous Canadian Rockies.

Overall, the Calgary Tower is a must-see for anyone who has ever been to Calgary or wants to visit.

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