The Calgary Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Calgary. It features a wide variety of animals, from apes to lions, and is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.  Some of the animals you’ll see at the zoo are the Western lowland gorilla, which was born in Calgary; the grizzly bear, one of North America’s most iconic animals; and the American alligator, one of the world’s largest reptiles. The Calgary Zoo is situated within the Beltline, just northwest of the downtown core. It’s easily accessible by bus or car, ctrain, and is a great place to bring the whole family. The zoo is famous because of its wide variety of animals, and the fact that it’s open daily. It’s a great place to spend a day out, and the kids will love the rides and exhibits.

The Calgary Zoo is home to a variety of animals, both indoors and out. Throughout the year, the zoo offers a variety of exciting events for both kids and adults. Visitors can watch zookeepers care for the animals and give them special treats for their birthdays, see them play, host Santa Claus at Christmas, offer summer camps, and much more.

The Calgary Zoo is a great place for adults and children alike, with many events happening throughout the year. One of the most popular events is Zoolights, where the zoo is decorated with colorful lights and there are festive drinks on offer.

The Calgary Zoo offers many great events for photographers, including Focused, where photographers get special access to Canadian animals. These events are great fun, but the most important thing at Calgary Zoo is of course the animals.


Visiting the Calgary Zoo for the first time can be overwhelming – there’s so much to see! We recommend giving yourself at least one day to explore everything the zoo has to offer.

The Penguin Plunge is the first thing you see as you walk into the Zoo area. The penguin pool at the zoo is a small, indoor space where visitors can get up close and watch them splash and play around. The pool has a glass bottom, so visitors can also view the penguins underwater. There is also a playground area above the water where the penguins can climb and explore. Five types of penguins can be found in the wild: Canadian Wilds, The most relatable habitat for Canadian visitors.

The paved path around the Zoo offers visitors the opportunity to see bison, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, cougars, grizzly bear and black bears in their natural habitat.

Destination Africa

The Destination Africa indoor pavilion is temperature controlled to accommodate the African animals. Destination Africa is home to two distinct environments – a humid, hot and steamy rainforest, and a huge area where hippos usually sleep on the ground or swim in the pool while giraffes are grazing behind them. The rainforest is home to many African plants and animals, while the latter area is also home to porcupines, monkeys, birds, and snakes.

To get to the Calgary Zoo by car, take Memorial Drive and set your GPS to 210 St. Georges Drive NE, which is located close to downtown Calgary. You can also get to the Zoo by bike or on foot by following the Bow River Pathway. If you’re taking public transit, take the Blue line (route 202) C-train to the Zoo station. The station is located directly above the Zoo, and signs will lead you to the main entrance.

Enjoy your visit to the Calgary Zoo!

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